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Memory Point (S)

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** Southbank - 2015 **

Southbank - 2014



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2015 Tour Dates

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Thursday 24 September: 1730, 1915, 2030
Friday 25 September: 1600, 1730, 1915, 2030, 2200
Saturday 26 September: 1600, 1730, 1915, 2030, 2200
Sunday 27 September: 1600, 1730, 1915, 2030, 2200
Monday 28 September: 1730, 1915, 2030
Tuesday 29 September: 1730, 1915, 2030
Wednesday 30 September: No performance.
Thursday 1 October: 1730, 1915, 2030
Friday 2 October: 1600, 1730, 1915, 2030, 2200
Saturday 3 October: 1600, 1730, 1915, 2030, 2200
Sunday 4 October: 1600, 1730, 1915, 2030


★★★★ from Lyn Gardner of The Guardian!

Another well written rave review from the Daily Echo!

Audience Feedback for Memory Points at Winchester Theatre Royal
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LOOK! We were Lyn Gardner’s Theatre Pick of the Week!

Total Theatre Review

To hear a sample of some of the tracks created for Memory Points have a Listen Here

Click here for a burst of the Lovely Lynne chatting to Alina from Radio Solent in Poole

This 18 month project extended our work with the Southampton and Eastleigh Alzheimer’s Society and was made in association with The Point, Eastleigh.

It saw Su and Catherine from Platform 4 working with the artist Gerry White who combines photographic animation with archival material and Pete Flood, percussionist and arranger for the celebrated band Bellowhead. We are also involved one of The Point’s Associate Artists, emerging installation artist Nicky Bellenger and dancer Sacha Lee.

We worked with Connections Club a social club for people with early onset dementia and their carers and Singing for the Brain groups. Spending time meeting lots of people and with their help, creating a body of research over a substantial period of time. The work created and the people who inspired us were collated into a unique event: A Headphone Walk: Memory Point (S) around some of the unseen and hidden places of The Point’s building and open to the general public in Spring 2012.

STOP PRESS: We now have additional funding to make a promotional book of the project for launch at the end of 2012.

Gordon and Doreen have lived in Southampton for many years. Doreen moved from London in 1967 and Gordon was born and lived in Southampton all his life. They have been married 39 years.
Many of those years were spent as florists in Shirley.
They enjoy life together, spending happy holidays abroad in recent years. They love travelling to Tenerife and enjoy the exotic flowers and the warm climate.
Listening to music is a real comfort; lush, romantic music such as Delius’s: A Walk in Paradise Garden. They keep zebra finches.
All these influences and their own very particular connection to each other and to life have inspired us with the making of this piece.

This photo animation piece featured in The Point's Spring/Summer exhibition WITHOUT BORDERS in 2011 and in the final event. A 3 minute looped photoanimation film and a 3D piece inspired by Gordon and Doreen's life and utilises their family photographic material.

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Tunnel Rooms

Memory Clothes

Blocked Light


Photographic Memory

Objects on the table - electro

Memory point tests



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