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Outreach Strand for Memory Points

For Winchester Platform 4 had a super time working with their Singing for Well Being group and as a result created a new piece of sound and music inspired by them for the core show – our Winchester group can also be heard singing in the ticket booth! Here are some images of us all enjoying a cup of tea and a dance at the end of a special preview of the show.

Listen to the tracks created from our Winchester Group

Winchester’s Singing for Well Being provide a weekly singing session in term-time for clients who have early to moderate memory loss, associated with Alzheimers and other dementias, and who probably have had a doctor's diagnosis of this. The sessions take place every Monday morning, 11 - 12.30, in the Hall of the United Church in Winchester. The sessions include refreshments and socializing for the first half-hour. The structure of the session and the content is intended to spark memories of songs known from the clients' youth, as well as providing gentle exercises associated with singing, and "puzzle" songs and rounds, stimulating memory and brain activity.
For more info on Winchester’s singing for well being go to:

For Poole we worked for a week in The Aldbury Dementia Care home and filled their summer house with paper flowers in preparation for a high tea at the end of the week – residents will also come and see their work displayed when the show tours to Poole in September 2013.



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